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If people can’t find your business online, you’re wasting a lot of your money. Most people who use the Internet won’t go past the first page of Google. Even if think it’s cool, having a pretty website for your business isn’t enough. your website needs to be optimized so that search engines can find it. Effective, custom SEO is a must for generating qualified leads and reaching the sales goals of your business.

Because, let’s face it, more traffic equals more revenue. Even though more traffic doesn’t guarantee a sale, it may make it easier to find clients and customers who are especially interested in your company’s services. Being found for keywords that are directly related to your business increases your chances of getting more traffic and lowers the cost of your sales staff following bad leads.

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A brief look at ASP.NET

Microsoft made the open-source ASP.NET web application development framework so that ASP.Net developers could make websites, apps, and services that change over time. This cross-platform framework lets make apps that work on Docker, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. To build dynamic websites that work well on PCs and mobile devices, they need help from web app frameworks like ASP.NET. It lets browsers and servers talk to each other back and forth.

Several.NET languages, such as J#, C#, and Visual Basic, are used to write the code for the software. This complicated architecture is made up of three important parts: Language (the programming languages), Library (which has resources and frameworks), and CLR (Common Language Runtime) (Common Language Runtime).

The first version came out in 2002, and it was made by Microsoft, a big name in technology. This idea was made so that all online applications could use the same HTTP protocol. ASP.NET Core, the newest cross-platform version, came out in 2016. Every year, this program is changed, and a new version comes out in November of the same year.

On the server side, web applications made with the .NET framework are often run by IIS (Internet Information Services). This service was made for the first time by Microsoft. The main thing this service does is send the results of HTML codes made by client browsers through web applications right away. Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web Pages are all frameworks that can be used to make web applications with ASP.NET.

Any of the three frameworks, which are all reliable and up-to-date, can be used to make great web programs. No matter what framework use, will always get all of ASP.NET’s benefits and features. Each framework is good for a certain kind of development. your choice will depend on the type of app you’re making, the way you’re most comfortable developing, and the programming tools have available (knowledge, talents, and development experience).

Why Choose Us for the SEO Services for Websites

Why does SEO optimization for your.NET website matter?

SEO aims to do two main things. need to know what people are looking for online before can give them high-quality content that meets their needs. The second is to make it possible to make a website that search engines can find, index, and understand.

Why do they need SEO?

  • Most people who use search engines are more likely to choose one of the top five results (SERPS). To take advantage of this and get people to visit your site or buy from your online store, your.NET website needs to be among the top results.
  • your.NET website may be easier to use and give users a better experience if using SEO techniques that work. SEO is about more than just search engines.
  • Because people trust search engines, having a website that ranks well for the terms they’re looking for makes them even more likely to trust it.
  • Many people think that optimizing the landing page isn’t necessary, but good landing page designs can bring in more visitors and increase conversion rates in the long run.
  • SEO is good for social media advertising on your.NET website. If people find your website through a Google or Bing search, they are more likely to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
  • SEO is needed for a big website to work right. SEO may help websites with more than one writer in more than one way. They will directly benefit from an increase in organic traffic, and indirectly from having a set structure to follow when making new content for the website.
  • SEO might help do better than your competitors. If two websites sell the same thing, the one with SEO is more likely to get more traffic and make more sales.
  • need people to visit your website, but the quality is more important than quantity. If make your website easier for search engines to read, more people will look at your services, goods, or information.

But can use the.NET framework to make websites that are search engine optimized? Take a look.

Concerns about SEO in ASP.NET site development

To put it simply, ASP.NET is a web spider’s worst nightmare. The framework is the devil in disguise for SEO if developers don’t know how to use it to fix its flaws. Most IT experts say that .NET is the best way to build websites. One reason is that a lot of people have Microsoft certifications. We all like Microsoft products and think they are the best. But building websites with .NET can be expensive and cause a lot of SEO problems. Here are some problems.

1. Structural rigidity

When are working on a website project, SEO should always be your main concern. For SEO to work well, your website needs to be built on the best framework. If use ASP.NET, won’t be able to get good search engine optimization results.

It might be hard to improve the search engine optimization of your website by using .Net. When using ASP.NET to build your website, will need to change your SEO strategies in several ways. The most important factor is that .NET is so rigid, which makes SEO harder.

2. Viewstate slows down the creep speed.

Search engine bots have a “crawl quota” that lets them pick up one page. If they visit your site more than once, won’t be indexed as deeply. ViewState is a block of alphanumeric code that is on many websites. It affects how their pages are indexed, especially those made with the ASP.NET framework.

Crawlers and search engines may find this code annoying, especially when it’s near the top of the source code and sometimes pushes down the other content. Even though it might seem hard, websites made with the ASP.NET framework can be made SEO-friendly with the help of good SEO advice. Find out how it works!

SEO for website

Every ASP.NET developer wants a lot of people to visit their websites, or at least most of us do. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines may send a lot of people to your website if it’s on the first page of their results. In the same way, search engines won’t help if your site is on the 31st page or isn’t indexed. Everyone wants to be on the first page, so there is a lot of competition. must pay attention to everything that affects how search engines see your content.

Search engines use more than 100 important factors to decide how to rank pages. Since Google, Yahoo, and other search engines don’t want to share their ranking system, most of these theories are just guesses. Their algorithms are also changed often to improve the user experience and give accurate results (hundreds of times annually). Even Google can’t change the order of pages by hand, even if they think some pages should be higher or lower on the list. Instead, they try to figure out what went wrong with the algorithm that led to the wrong ranking and fixes it that way. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very dynamic field because of this, but the basics and most important parts never change.

  • Make the title of each page unique

Each page on a website needs to have its unique title. The best titles are short, meaningful, and descriptive. They should also include keywords and be relevant to the page’s content. Avoid repeating words or phrases, like putting the company’s name at the beginning of the title of every page. Start with the most important information. A page in a content management system can be used to change the title tag, but it can also be changed when the site is being built.

When using Google Search, the search results will show your search terms in bold. So, should use relevant keywords in the title to make it stand out and get more people to visit your site. Of course, if want people to visit your title, have to make it interesting to both people and search engines. A title needs to be more than just a list of keywords. Instead, make sure your title tags describe each page accurately, and both users and search engines will be happy. Don’t use titles that are too long, because search engines will cut them off anyway. There should not be more than 65 characters in a title.

  • Use meta tags to describe 

Before people started using them all the time, description and keyword meta tags were important for search engine optimization. Meta keywords don’t mean much anymore, but meta description is still important. Even though it won’t change your search engine ranking right away, it will still help. Google often uses the meta description element to show a short description of your site below the title of a search result. So even if your website isn’t the first result in a search, if your meta description is interesting, may still get more visitors. Make sure each page has its page description.

  • Use of the H1 tag

H1 tags are important, and they’re also a simple way to move up in search engine results. The best thing would be for the h1 element to have the same information as the title tag. your score will go up a lot if use the same short, relevant, keyword-filled text in both the h1 and title tags. Like any other HTML element, the h1 tag can be changed directly in the markup or dynamically by adding the runat=”server” attribute and setting the id.

  • Moving URLs for ASP.NET SEO

Sometimes need to move a page to a different URL or move the whole website to a new domain. One example of this is changing the file extension. asp to. aspx when moving from ASP to ASP.NET on a website. People who go to your old link directly or through a search engine should be sent to the new one. Two different detours are possible:

  1. A temporary redirection that returns the message “302 Found.” This redirection should only be used in the worst cases for search engine optimization.
  2. After a permanent redirection, a message that says “301 Moved Permanently” is shown. This redirection tells crawlers that the page or site has moved to a new address. It is used in SEO to move link popularity to a different place.
  • URL rewriting to make URLs better for SEO

Web crawlers don’t like it when query strings are used as URL parameters. Even though this URL makes sense to a coder, it is not easy to use and usually doesn’t rank well in search engines. Use URLs where the keywords are separated by hyphens. So, the URL should be something like /My-Product-Name.aspx instead of /ShowProduct.aspx?id=23445. A URL with lots of keywords will do better in search engine results and be easier for people to understand. Also, websites with SEO-friendly URLs are safer because can hide file extensions and even ids.

  • View state and SEO in ASP.NET

There is a theory that search engines only look at a small number of bytes from each page (first 100K of web page). The value of ViewState is a string that shows up as a hidden field on the client side. If your ASP.NET page has a lot of ViewState at the top, web crawlers might not look at the rest of it. Because of this, your search engine ranking could go down. If don’t need ViewState, the easiest thing to do is to turn it off or at least not use it for every control. 

RenderAllHiddenFieldsAtTopOfForm is a new property that has been added to Net Framework 3.5 SP1. Its value can be changed to false to show all hidden fields made by the system at the end of the form. But a lot of developers misunderstand it and think it moves ViewState to the bottom of the page, which is not true. This explains what the property does, and Microsoft Connect’s post confirms that it was made to fix problems with the EventValidation field being at the bottom of the page and causing errors if the user posted back before the field showed up. It also checks to make sure that search engines now read the whole page, not just the first 512 bytes.

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