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Marketing for CBD Companies

Marketing for CBD Companies

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Marketing for CBD Companies

It is not often that a product captures the interest of the global consumer market in such a short period of time.

Even so, cannabidiol, or “CBD” as it is commonly known, has contributed to a surge of interest in the medical market. CBD, among the most widely discussed cannabinoids, has its own market and is on track to generate a generous $16.32 billion in the United States by 2026.

So far, scientists have confined 113 active chemical compounds from the leafy green plant. Previously, the cannabis community was strongly focused on the plant’s psychoactive component THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but the market is continuously developing thanks to a growing smorgasbord of scientific evidence pointing to the therapeutic value of cannabis and hemp’s non-psychoactive chemical compound CBD.

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Marketing for CBD companies

Cannabidiol, or “CBD” as it is more commonly known, is a non-psychoactive substance that can be obtained whether from hemp or marijuana plants. The great majority of CBD marketing tactics will highlight products derived from industrial hemp.

CBD is classified into two product categories:

  • food grade
  • therapeutic grade.

According to MarketWatch, therapeutic-grade CBD is responsible for the vast majority of the market share, taking account for 59.90% of the industry in 2018.

CBD is enticing a wide range of customers of all ages — and even pets. If you want to cash in on the “Green Rush” and want to know how to market CBD products effectively and legally.

Before you launch a business online selling CBD oil and substitute products, learn the rules of CBD marketing so that you can comply with state laws.

To succeed in this company, you will require an efficient CBD Marketing strategy plan, especially with such strong competition. Let’s discuss in detail how to do marketing for CBD companies.

Why is CBD marketing so essential?

The CBD advertising craze has officially arrived. The surge in CBD marketing is difficult to ignore, whether it appears in the form of a CBD-focused advertisement that captures your focus on Facebook, a search engine-optimized CBD advertising campaign that points to an online marketplace via Google, or a fascinating Instagram story with a ‘Swipe-up’ link directing a website’s visitors.

Following things to consider before marketing for CBD companies: 

1. Explore CBD Customers 

Your CBD marketing strategy should begin with identifying your intended audience. Are they male? Women? People of a certain age? Comprehend their requirements and expectations, as well as the types of CBD products that will meet those needs.

2. Competitor Analysis for CBD business

Many brands are probably already selling CBD products in your target market. If this is the case, you can learn from their CBD advertising campaigns.

Learn more about:

  • Who are their clients?
  • How successful is their CBD marketing?
  • What are their advantages and disadvantages?
  • What makes them unique?

3. Creating a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for your CBD company

What makes a customer choose your CBD company over another company? A visually appealing UVP is essential for your CBD marketing technique.

When most prospective customers evaluate brands, it is the first thing they see. It distinguishes you from the competition.

How do you develop a UVP?

Create it with all of your CBD brand’s advantages in mind. Consider the consumer’s problems and how your CBD brand can help to solve them. When you link this value to the user’s problems, you have a clear proposition.

A good UVP should include the following:

  • Unique
  • Concise \ Believable
  • Simple to grasp
  • Meaningful (why should the intended audience care?)

It must also explain the different types of pain that your CBD product can help with and why the customer must choose your CBD brand. A strong product proposition simplifies the development of your advertising strategy, the creation of high-quality content, and the communication with customers.

Whether it’s in social media posts, email newsletters, or blog posts, you can create messaging that reinforces your brand and UVP.

Consider the following points when creating a UVP:

  • Are your manufacturing/sourcing procedures of CBD company superior to the competition?
  • Do you farm the product or prepare the soil using proprietary technology?
  • Is your customer care superior to that of your competitors?
  • Always there is something distinctive and appealing that can set you apart from the crowd. You simply have to look for it.

Whatever you assume as your UVP, make sure you’re able to back it up with credible evidence. Have consumer reviews, for example, if you claim your CBD oil relieves stress.

It is also critical to keep checking your UVP. Examine which language performs best with your intended audience. Set up ads with various keyword combinations, then make a comparison of the click-through rates on search engines.

5. Getting prospective users for your CBD online store

Based on a High Yield Insights study, nearly 40% of U.S. consumers aged 21 and up say they would probably try CBD. This figure is expected to rise, so finding customers through CBD marketing is critical. Customers want your assistance, and you must be the one to provide it!

6. Making your CBD brand stand out 

The CBD industry is exploding at the seams, with new businesses popping up on a daily basis.

This is not to say that you should abandon your hopes of making money with CBD marketing; somewhat, learn how to stand out and distinguish your CBD company from the competition. This is possible by constantly educating your audience.

Make meaningful video content to attract your audience, conduct industry surveys, and don’t be afraid to demonstrate to customers how they will benefit from your CBD offerings. You could also consider focusing on a specific niche.

7. Customer retention for CBD company 

CBD marketing can assist you in attracting repeat customers. Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase retention rates, but only large brands tend to attract affiliates, demonstrating the importance of brand awareness.

Including genuine customer feedback on your CBD website that makes statements in accordance with all laws will improve your reputation and keep customers coming back for more. If you want to significantly improve interaction and boost the chances of customer retention, send out newsletters, offer discounts to recurring customers, and inspire them to encourage a friend in exchange for a free product.

Conducting surveys will notify you of customer requirements and areas where you may be failing to satisfy customers. You should also concentrate on problem-solving, ongoing support, and, of course, maintaining contact with your client base!

Marketing Strategies for CBD Companies 

CBD consumer product retail sales are expected to reach $16 billion by 2025. As per Cowen Research’s industry experts. To break into this consumer market, you must be diligent, consistent, and patient. You can learn the skill of learning how to advertise CBD online by effectively marketing hemp-derived CBD using the methods listed below.

1. Create an Interesting Website for CBD products 

An interactive website is the foundation of your CBD brand’s internet persona.

Your core audience should be addressed in your content, visuals, and offers. Remember that CBD is still relatively new, and most people have questions about its use, benefits, and side effects.

Pro advice:

Have a “FAQ” page that answers frequently asked CBD questions. Provide extra resources, such as blog articles about the use and benefits of CBD.

Keep “Contact Us” information handy so that customers can contact you and clear up any confusion.

On your main page, you should include successful CBD product feedback.

Take into account the customers’ pain points when creating messages. Consider their point of view and create content that will pick their interest.

Your marketing strategy for a CBD company may do wonders if you personalise your customers’ on-site experience.

Is there anything else?

Remember to include detailed CBD product descriptions. The “About Us” page must make it simple for visitors to learn about your team, CBD brand, and what you do.

Write in a friendly, conversational tone that is free of jargon.

You can also provide 24/7 assistance through the use of chatbots and live customer support to respond to customer questions. Your CBD products website should also be visually appealing. 

If you lack the skills and resources to create a great CBD website, hiring a  professional Website Developer is one of the best alternative solutions. 

Have e-commerce functionality so that customers who don’t want to go to a physical store can buy through your CBD website. Make it simple for customers to shop on the webpage and have items delivered to their door.

2. Concentrate on SEO for CBD advertising

Concentrating your efforts to search engine optimization for the marketing of CBD company. It is one of the most natural ways to establish your CBD brand on the Internet. Even though this strategy can be difficult to implement, the expense is usually much lower than that of other forms of advertising.

Hiring an SEO expert to assist you is frequently the best way to guarantee that your time and funds are well spent. You also don’t have to worry about breaking any CBD marketing rules. 

However, if the FDA is examining any health or disease claims, SEO “keywords” will be regarded as a marketing and promotional material. Proper SEO will make sure that you are viewed as a trusted thought leader in the emerging industry and will allow web users to find your CBD site relying on what they are looking for online.

3. Develop content for the marketing of the CBD company 

Use content marketing to increase consumer trust in your CBD company. Visitors to the CBD website should be enticed to read more by the content titles and articles. The visuals must be clear and appealing.

Use content syndication on reputable sites in your CBD industry. This will allow you to reach a larger audience.

As SEO focuses on the implementation of appropriate high-volume keywords and phrases all across blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and web content, content production can fit in smoothly with your SEO plan. 

Try to share your content related to CBD products on various social media channels and watch your traffic expand! Highly selected content will strengthen your authority and influence as a CBD market leader.

3. Participate in trade shows to market your CBD products 

Word-of-mouth advertising has been (and keeps going to be) among the most effective forms of advertising for your CBD company. Try attending CBD industry trade shows to meet with other players in the industry one on one and to evaluate the competitive market. 

Not only that, but at trade shows such as the CBD Expo Tour, you can exemplify what your CBD brand has to offer and gain supporters. This increases the likelihood of luring a wider audience and, possibly, investment for your CBD marketing strategy.

5. Create an affiliate network to reach CBD purchasers

Affiliate marketers are valuable assets who can help spread the word about your CBD products without you having to do anything. As per industry estimates, affiliate marketing spending will rise by 10% in the coming years. Affiliate marketing is worth a whopping $12 billion and accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue; in 2017, web users simply click on affiliate marketing links over 5 billion times! If that isn’t enough to blow your mind, take into account that in the same year, worldwide affiliate marketing transfers surpassed $170 million! ShareASale, CannAffiliate, and Clickbank are some reputable affiliate networks.

6. Make use of influencer marketing for CBD company 

Incorporate as many marketing techniques as possible into your CBD campaign. The more broad your CBD promotional campaign, the better your chances of trying to attract your target audience and profiting from CBD marketing. 

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to accomplish in promoting your CBD products, and it is currently one of the quickest sections in the marketing industry, with 17% of companies claiming to spend more than half of their advertising budget on influencers. 65% of influencer advertising budgets are expected to increase this year.

7. CBD Marketing on Social Media

Although most online platforms do not allow CBD advertising, you can still keep a presence through social media. Create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms related to your CBD products.

Is there a catch?

Yes, you must stay within the bounds of the law and the platform’s rules. Violations can result in a page ban, which you should definitely avoid.

Social media sites are still checking and refining their CBD advertising policies. Facebook’s CBD advertising policies have been relaxed.

You can now promote topical hemp by linking CTAs to landing pages that feature topical CBD and hemp products. However, pictures of these products should not be included in the advertisement.

Google, on the other hand, lists CBD as an unapproved pharmaceutical and supplement. For now, they simply do not permit CBD brands to run paid advertisements. Avoid agencies that use black-hat methods to get around Google’s ad permitting process.

To be safe, try displaying ads related to CBD products on platforms other than Google’s display network, such as FieldTest. They’ve made deals with high-profile publishers with a large audience. CBD product catalogues can be displayed in your ads using these platforms.

Stay away from liability.

Before marketing CBD products, it’s a good idea to obtain legal counsel. Your lawyer should assist you in ensuring that you are in compliance with applicable federal laws as well as the CBD regulations of marketing channels, which are regularly updated.

8. Make use of email marketing for promoting CBD products 

Email marketing to promote your CBD products is another effective marketing strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked. Even though it is one of the ancient types of online marketing, it continues to be successful in attracting clients for your CBD business from all walks of life. 

Mailing coupons and deals to your established newsletter subscribers/customers is an excellent way to spread the word about new CBD products while also improving customer relationships and retention.

9. Measure the Success of Your CBD Marketing

Use web analytics tools to track the success of your CBD marketing. You’ll know if you’re making the best use of your money, resources, and time.


These tools assist you in determining the quality and quantity of CBD web traffic. It is great news if you notice an increase in traffic amounts after incorporating CBD marketing strategies. It means your strategy is working.

Following that, you can delve deeper into the data to help identify potential customers. These people may return to your CBD website on a regular basis or constantly make buying or downloads.

Then you can focus your efforts on encouraging these customers and increasing repeat sales. If your insights display less-than-desired results, your CBD marketing strategy may need to be adjusted.

Take into account that the metrics you use will be determined by your CBD marketing objectives. They could include things like engagement rates, ROI, conversion rates, bounce rates, time on page, and so on.

CBD marketers face more difficulties compared to any other industry because they must adhere to local and federal regulations (and they are many). Surprisingly, some state laws prohibit any form of CBD marketing.

Fortunately, a CBD Marketing Agency can assist you in developing an effective strategy for achieving your CBD business objectives. To that end, consider the following tips and tricks when establishing your cannabis marketing plan:

  • Conduct extensive market research related to CBD products
  • Identify your CBD marketing objectives.
  • Examine available digital content and choose the best one for your target customers.
  • Set priorities for your CBD marketing efforts.
  • Seek the assistance of cannabis marketing experts.

FAQ's Regarding CBD Companies

How should I promote my CBD business?

Online CBD Marketing Strategies include: Concentrate on SEO. Concentrating your efforts to search engine optimization or SEO, is among the most organic ways to establish your brand on the Internet. Expand your content. Participate in trade shows. Create an affiliate network. Make use of influencer marketing. Make use of email marketing.

How should CBD be promoted on social media?

Make use of keywords and hashtags. Social media platforms can function as microcosms within internet communities. Post on a regular basis. Increase the variety of your content related to CBD products. Utilize influencers for CBD product marketing.

Is it possible to market CBD on Instagram?

Instagram promotes CBD products of any type. However, you can use the platform's influencer marketing to increase brand awareness for your CBD products.

Is it possible to sell CBD on Google?

No, Google does not allow the sale of CBD products in any form. CBD is included in Google's list of unauthorized pharmaceuticals and supplements used in advertising. You can, even so, use organic marketing techniques such as SEO to increase your awareness in Google search engine results.


Are you ready to implement a CBD marketing strategy? 

The CBD industry is expected to grow further. More players will enter the fray, increasing competition and conversion rates. A solid marketing strategy for your CBD business can give it durability and expandability. 

You can alter as the business environment changes. Regardless of the fact that significant social media platforms do not presently allow CBD marketing, there are workarounds. When combined, social media and content marketing provide the perfect opportunity for CBD marketers to enlighten their audience and increase brand recognition without resorting to aggressive sales tactics that could result in your account being banned

Do you believe you’re ready to put your CBD marketing strategy into action? Or do you require additional assistance?

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