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Marketing for Wholesalers

Marketing for Wholesalers

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Marketing for Wholesalers

Wholesalers sell products in large quantities to retailers, their target market consists of other businesses. Wholesalers must use business-to-business advertising to find new customers and motivate them to purchase goods on a regular basis. If you work in the wholesale industry, you might benefit from employing wholesale marketing techniques.

Historically, wholesale businesses have been hesitant to make investments in online marketing. Even so, with the increasing popularity of internet searches and smartphone entry, it is now critical for businesses to establish a digital presence. Learning how to utilize digital marketing smartly may appear daunting, but it has become essential. Furthermore, it is not as challenging as it appears and will cost your company far less than traditional marketing methods.

This article defines wholesale marketing strategy and provides a list of wholesale marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business.

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What exactly is a wholesale marketing strategy?

A wholesale marketing strategy can be used by companies that sell products wholesale. Wholesalers usually sell large quantities of goods at cheap costs to retailers, who then sell the product in retail stores. Wholesale marketing focuses on retailers in order to expand wholesalers’ client base. 

This type of marketing involves any strategy or marketing tactic that improves a wholesale business’s client base or profits. The particular strategy you employ may be determined by the product you sell, the needs of your clients, and the brand of your company.

A wholesale marketing plan can be extremely beneficial to a wholesale business. To rapidly expand your client base, you can merge marketing techniques with selling methods. It is critical to select a strategy that is tailored to your target audience in order to successfully reach the appropriate types of prospective customers.

Why should wholesalers use digital marketing?

Previously, your clients may have depended on a variety of approaches to locate sources for products to resell in their storefronts. You may have received phone calls from Yellow Pages or other local advertisements, or you may have spent money on brochures, print mailers, or even cold calls to businesses. However, you may have noticed that as time passed, these sales strategies lost their efficiency, and phone calls decreased.

With the advent of the Internet, retailers discovered that it was much more efficient to research potential wholesalers and their websites. They were able to quickly access a wider choice of businesses and products, as well as read reviews, and user feedback, and view clear images or specs.

Because of this shift in preference, your marketing must adapt as well. If you’re not using the Internet to reach out to prospective customers, you’re probably missing out on the majority of them. This is, even so, good news for your wholesale business. Digital marketing is significantly less expensive than conventional methods, and the ROI is much simpler to monitor.

Furthermore, even though digital marketing is less expensive, marketing for wholesalers can be highly innovative with minimal to no financial burden. You can experiment and fail without fear of losing a large amount of money or damaging your reputation. Indeed, one of the strategies we’ll suggest is based entirely on testing and observing what fails!

Marketing Strategies for Wholesalers 

There are numerous strategies you could employ in your wholesale marketing, therefore it might be beneficial to identify a few. It is critical to select strategies that are tailored to your intended audience. Increase your digital marketing tactics to boost brand visibility and sales. To advertise your wholesale business, pay close attention to each detail. When you use this strategy, your marketing plan may be more successful. Consider the following wholesale marketing strategies:

1. Create a professional website for wholesale business 

Your wholesale business website acts as the hub for everything that you do online. Your internet persona should educate your intended audience regarding your wholesale products and services and direct people to your content and website. That is the most effective way to expand your business.

To be efficient in today’s split-second decision-making community, your business website must include a few key elements. You’ll need a clear message, a bold brand, a one-of-a-kind call to action, an invitation for site visitors to contact you, and the capacity to be discovered on Google and other search engines. You can’t, however, just throw this stuff up hastily. You must understand who you are communicating with online.

Our Digital Marketing Agency can assist you in achieving the desired results by doing the following:
  • A mobile-responsive design that works well on all devices.

  • Fonts that are appealing and easy to read.

  • Colours that are simple to see and reflect your brand.

  • Images that are relevant and unique to your brand.

  • A user-friendly menu and navigation that allows visitors to easily find what they require on your website.

Our Marketing Agency often work with a wholesale businesses and be able to quickly improve their lead generation by slowly adapting the layout of their website.

1. Make your wholesale business website search engine friendly

The first step in developing a marketing strategy for a wholesaler must be to make sure that potential clients are able to find your website in searches — and that it outranks any competitors. This is accomplished via search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

If you’re not familiar with SEO, here’s a quick primer. SEO is a collection of techniques that increase the likelihood of your wholesale business website appearing and ranking highly when somebody types a keyword associated with your wholesale business into a search engine. It can be as simple or as complex as changing the titles of your various pages or attaining more links to your website.

If you’re new to SEO, the best place to start is by brainstorming words and phrases that potential customers might associate with your wholesale business or products. These can range from single words to lengthy phrases.

Like, If you make pens, you might consider everything from “pens” to “buy ballpoint pens with black ink.” Then, go over your webpage to see if these words or phrases, known as keywords, show up anywhere in your content.

If the keywords you picked do not show up on your site, you are unlikely to rank for them. They can’t be associated with your website if search results can’t reach them. However, if they are present, it is essentially a “vote” for you to rank for them. This is the reason it is critical to include keywords in your page copy, titles, and so on. Look for places where you can insert these keywords and monitor your rankings to determine what happens.

Furthermore, it is critical to make sure that your wholesale business website is responsive. You can boost the number of leads and eventually close more sales by making sure that visitors can reach your site from a wide range of devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

2. Examine your wholesale business site to determine what works

We previously mentioned that internet advertising enables you to try out various strategies and enables you to fail. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a method that inspires testing and failure — all in the name of making you more money.

CRO’s premise is straightforward. It enables you to test modifications to your wholesale business site to determine which changes result in increased conversions, like quote requests or phone calls.

Like, Moving a “contact us” button from the bottom of a page to the top, can result in many more conversions. Even so, you do not even want to do this indefinitely and risk losing all of your leads for the month if your hunch or gut feeling on something is incorrect. CRO enables you to put these ideas in a safe environment.

You can use CRO to run A/B tests, showing one group of site visitors the original or “A” version of a page and another group the new or “B” version. Whichever version outcomes in higher conversions could be entirely incorporated.

This method allows for safer experimentation because a significant drop in conversions in the “B” version can result in the test being removed immediately. A significant jump, on the other hand, can lead to immediate implementation and much more revenue for wholesalers!

3. Content Marketing for Wholesalers 

When retailers search online for products to carry in their stores, they may be searching for photos, videos, or in-depth info that goes far beyond standard summaries. One way to capitalise on this desire — and bring more potential clients to your wholesale business website — is to create interactive content that ranks high in search results.

Search engine results now go well beyond links to websites. When somebody searches for something, they may receive clips, images, sites, and shopping results. As a result, producing compelling content with a high chance of ranking can attract people to your wholesaler website and enable them to learn more about your products.

Here are some content marketing ideas for wholesalers:

  • A video of one or several of your products in action be helpful? Make a video, add a keyword-rich title and description, and upload it to YouTube (with a link to your website in the description).

  • Ensure that product photos on your official wholesaler site have specific keywords in their file types, as well as alt text that describes what is in the image. This allows them to appear in a Google Image search for those keywords, leading viewers to your site.

  • Create content, such as blog posts and articles, that addresses any previous questions your clients may have had. If these questions are important and frequently searched questions, the pages are most likely to rank well, and prospective customers will read them before browsing your wholesale business website to find out more about the services you do.

4. Social media marketing for Wholesalers

Wholesale companies can be slow to incorporate social media marketing. However, social media is one of the most effective industrial marketing solutions for wholesalers. Developing profiles for social media will allow you to interact with potential customers and get your wholesale company in front of decision-makers.

Wholesalers can use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to boost brand awareness and make significant links. You can also utilize social media to share product photos, hold contests, and recruit brand ambassadors.

Furthermore, YouTube is an excellent tool for wholesale businesses, allowing them to showcase their products and provide informational materials in video format.

Wholesalers can also employ social media to gather product design ideas and feedback. Customers’ sentiments concerning your business can be captured using social media monitoring tools, and your wholesale business strategy can be adjusted to meet their demands. You can also use product forums to learn more about customer preferences.

5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing for wholesalers 

PPC is a method of digital marketing that produces instant results. Use Google’s latest artificial intelligence (AI)-powered approaches to handle your PPC campaigns, and then optimise your budget to maximise your ROI (ROI). PPC advertising involves bringing your wholesale business ad to prospective consumers and paying Google a fee each time an ad is clicked.

6. Make it simple for prospective customers to contact you

The strategy we suggest is to make it incredibly simple for potential customers to contact you. This could be as simple as including your phone number prominently at the top of your official wholesale business site, including a dedicated contact page, or becoming engaged on social media.

This may appear to be a no-brainer to you. You may be curious how this can be considered a marketing strategy. Moreover, if you examine your wholesale business website closely, you may be surprised by the number of proverbial hoops a prospective customer must jump through in order to write you an email.

Can they request a quotation by filling out a simple form, or do they need to fill out eight or nine fields? Or do you even have a contact form? Is your contact information easily accessible, or is it hidden in your footer or on a separate page?

You can increase the number of potential leads who call or email you by taking the path of least resistance. You can also improve your chances of contacting them by becoming present and active on social media, where a lot of them may contact you with questions. It is not unusual to receive queries about your selling prices or products via Facebook or Twitter, so be ready!

FAQ's Regarding Marketing for Wholesale Business Marketing

What marketing strategies do wholesalers use?

Various wholesale marketing strategies are use for the marketing of wholesalers: Referral bonuses. Participate in trade shows. Include your company in industrial directories. Create a social media presence. Create a website. Visit businesses in person. Utilize email marketing.

How do you increase wholesale sales?

6 quick ways to boost your wholesale sales right now Create a special introductory offer. Make ordering easy and shipping quick. Provide exceptional customer service. Conduct limited-time wholesale promotions. Provide bulk discounts.


The primary objective of wholesalers is to reach out to other businesses and convince them to buy your goods and services. The latest digital marketing techniques, when used accurately, can assist you in achieving your wholesale company targets and maintaining a competitive edge.

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