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So, the trick is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. In simple words SEO enables a webpage to stand out amongst all of its competitors. Can you do it? Is it simple enough? Is it inexpensive? And most importantly is it really required? The answer is yes!

Yes, to all of the questions

It is important to realize that the access to internet has expanded so much in today’s digital age that the number of active users is truly hard to comprehend. The sheer number of posts and options available on the internet is incomprehensible. The question now for online marketers’ and online businesses is ‘How to stand out?’

Let’s take a look into the world of SEO and what you really need to do. For that; let’s start with learning the basics of what SEO is and how you can benefit from it.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a web development / optimization technique aimed at increasing the web traffic for a webpage.

In easy words it’s about improving your website in all aspects there are!

Let’s get technical for a while -Most of the traffic attracted to any website comes thru different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. All these search engines use specialized software codes and algorithms that rank any website. This ranking known as ‘Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking determines the order at where a webpage will be displayed. SEO techniques target these algorithms to improve a website’s ranking by improving the content, strategically placing important key words/phrases, optimizing the webpage HTML script and developing strong internal / external links.


So, who needs SEO?

Simply said; “Everyone”!

However, everyone needs to analyze their individual needs according to their business model. It is a fact now that a good performing online website will lead to better and better sales.

No need to worry though! Really!

Despite that the fact that for most of the internet users the algorithms governing the indexing are too complex; their importance cannot be underestimated.

Considering today’s competitive global digital world, the importance of SEO particularly for webpage designers and owners, online businesses and online marketers is over whelming.Merely having an online presence is not sufficient anymore. Although social media nowadays is also contributing towards business growth and in attracting newer and newer customers, the bulk of online traffic is still being generated thru search engines. SEO experts achieve an understanding of those search engines through their experience. They use that to the advantage of a website by designing a webpage so that the search engine’s algorithms quickly and aptly index that page. This generates more and more organic traffic leading to increased profits, qualitative products, satisfied customer base and a virtuous improvement cycle.


“The success of any webpage relies heavily on efficient implementation of SEO techniques”


What does SEO do?

SEO aims primarily to provide any business with a competitive marketing edge. SEO provides brand visibility to a larger audience and is an effective and considerably cheap marketing strategy. SEO can:

  • Generate a summary of website performance metrics
  • Effectively control website traffic
  • Develop keyword based content
  • Redesign webpage
  • Generate internal and external links
  • Increase Click through Rates (CTR)
  • Market webpage
  • Improve visitor retention


It’s just like polishing and cleaning your furniture!

You already have it. You already have invested in it. But it’s still not what you truly wanted. Polishing and cleaning and appropriately placing it in your home etc. would enhance everything. Websites are the same. SEO just makes it stand out!

SEO experts can help a business align their marketing strategy with the prevalent online digital marketing best practices. This in turn helps a business (webpage) grow exponentially. SEO leads to low cost marketing as compared to the traditional marketing strategies. It leads to increased online organic traffic which is transformed into huge Return On Investment (ROI) for a business. With increased search engine rankings; brand reliability is gradually established which assists in word of mouth marketing as well.


SEO done right!

SEO techniques give a boost to your webpage and has your webpage stand out from all the competition. This generates a positive revenue flow and increased business opportunities. Broadly speaking there are two methods to implement SEO. Let’s take a look.


Black Hat SEO.      You don’t want to manipulate the search engine algorithms just to get banned ultimately. Black Hat SEO techniques target only the search engine regardless of the ‘human’ aspect in order to get higher rankings in the search engines. These methods are known as ‘Black Hat SEO’.Although Black Hat SEO does get the job done quickly but it often results in badly constructed uninteresting pages that do ultimately get noticed and blocked. Black Hat practices also leads to a blanket ban on the product or marketer.

Avoid the following:

  • Overuse of Keywords
  • Hidden content and links
  • Poor quality and irrelevant content
  • Duplication of keywords and content
  • Spun content
  • Misleading, Fake and Paid links
  • Click baiting


White Hat SEO.      In contrast are the ‘White Hat SEO’ techniques aimed at optimizing a webpage for both human and search engines.White Hat SEO truly creates a unique experience for your human audience as well as the search engine. The webpage not only ranks higher in SERP but also retains a visiting customer. You will not have to stay vigilant of changing search engine algorithms and can truly focus on the business aspect of your webpage.

Some promising actions you should take are:

  • Relevant and qualitative original content
  • Attractive title and heading
  • Structured URLs
  • Increased webpage speed
  • Qualitative internal links
  • Optimized images


Well all this may sound too official! It’s not. It’s quite simple and easily applicable. You just have to decide which way to go before you start implementing SEO.


Wide spread SEO implementation

Search Engine Optimization concerns itself about all aspects of a webpage that will enable it to attract higher SERP as well as higher customer / visitor retention rate. Just having anefficiently SEO optimized webpage will surely rank higher but if the content is not great, appealing and human friendly; all your visitors will leave it instantly. This gets noticed by search engines (Google etc.) as a ‘bounce’. The greater the ‘bouncerate’ the lower your ranking.

An effective SEO implementation covers both these aspects. This differentiation is known as ‘On-Page SEO’ and ‘Off-Page SEO’.On-page SEO deals with the search engine aspect of your webpage while Off-page SEO covers the quality of your content and interactions with outside pages.

On-Page SEO.

As the term implies; ‘on-page SEO’ is all about improving the webpage itself. it is rather the easiest thing you can and should do. It all about ‘Content’. A great Content is always the key. Bill Gates in 1996 said ‘Content is King’. This holds true today as well. The more your content convinces the visitor of their requirements the better your webpage will perform. A poorly constructed webpage only leads to bounces.

Keep in mind the following SEO techniques:

  • Individual page titles
  • Meta data creation
  • URL structuring
  • Easy to read/understand content
  • Paragraph heading (Body Tags)
  • Keyword selection and frequency
  • Image optimization
  • Qualitative and relevant internal linking


And off course don’t forget Mobile optimization!

On-page SEO also includes multi-platform friendliness like mobile, notepads etc. A lot of users access the internet through their mobiles. Therefore, if your website is not compatible with that; it will defiantly lose business particularly if your completion has already done mobile optimization.


Off-Page SEO.

Again as the term implies; it deals with the external behavior of your webpage. While implementing On-Page SEO:content, quality of content, validity of content, relevance and briefness of content, optimally constructed HTML code, Title Tags & meta description and use of appropriate and strategically placed Keywords is the important thing to be done. This results in better quality and relevant links to your webpage from external websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. To improve website SERP some of the Off-Page SEO techniques that you can apply include:

  • Market your content on other platforms
  • Create shareable content
  • Engage social media to generate traffic
  • Include images, video and infographics to attract visitors

Conclusion about SEO

With these tools and implementations done right, SEO becomes easier. Good quality content builds trust amongst the visitors and facilitates in organic traffic and word-of-mouth marketing. SEO can redesign and reconfigure your website to optimally rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

SEO just doesn’t make a website friendly for search engine’s but also contributes towards a customer friendly website. Customer interaction and vendor-customer relationships prosper.

Just start implementing SEO and check out the results for yourself!

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