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Are you trying to do some online paid marketing?

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Understanding the basics of PPC is important in launching a successful PPC campaign.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay per Click.

And it is exactly what the term implies. So, basically it is a method of online marketing where payment is due whenever your Ad gets clicked by a user. It is the pale-green box you must have often seen on the Google page.

But how does it function anyway?


Well, let’s get into a little detail.


Every search engine has dedicated some portion of their webpages for advertisement. Now anyone can bid for a spot in that ad placement portion. If successful, your ad will show up whenever someone searches a particular keyword. Now whenever someone will click on your ad, they’ll be directed to your webpage. For this you will have to pay the search engine a fee.


What are the benefits of PPC?

The basics of any marketing strategy is to get maximum results at a minimum possible cost. If done right the fee is negligible. Because the amount of profits you can generate from a customer will be far more than the fee you are going to pay. It also helps users get their required information quickly and efficiently. It also benefits the search engines as they can present more and more relevant search results to their users quickly. You can benefit by:

  • reaching a wider customer base
  • attracting potential clients at low marketing costs
  • controlled marketing budget
  • having faster results compared to SEO
  • having increased ROI


In the end its beneficial for everyone; seller, buyer and advertiser. However, the question remains; how do you get the max benefit from PPC?


How to make a winning PPC ad?

Although PPC seems very easy; it should not be taken too lightly. Careful designing of both the ad as well the webpage it is linked to is important. Of course you can understand that only a catchy ad will convince you to click a particular ad. And then only an engaging page will convince you to make a purchase. Same should be remembered and applied while making your own ads


There is a huge advantage to it too!

Google reduces the fee if your ad campaign is actually performing well!

That’s right! It’s true!


With a good Ad and an equally good webpage that is capable of retaining visiting customers, google reduces your fee.


Imagine an increase in profits just by doing the right thing in the right way!


What is Google Ads?

We all know that the biggest search engine is Google. Google has its own advertising platform known as ‘Google Ads’ (Google AdWords).


There are two basic things to know about the working of Google Ads and how the Quality Score is calculated:


  • Google places your ad in its allocated portion based on your bid amount. Higher the bid amount – higher the chance
  • Google also analyzes the quality of your Ad campaign including keywords, URL structure and content quality


This system allows google to place an ad on their search page that has the most relevance to the keyword being searched by the user. Therefore, you need to design your ad based on:

  • Relevance of keywords
  • Quality of linked webpages
  • Google Quality Score – the more the better


How to select keywords for PPC?

Strength of your Ad campaign mostly depends on your choice of keywords. So, what to do?


You should conduct thorough research about all applicable keywords related to your product and then select them carefully. It is not going to be a onetime process. All the search engines constantly update their algorithms. Therefore, you need to be on your toes. Keep regularly updating your keyword priorities.


Remember that you have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad. So the choice of keywords is extremely important.


And remember:

  • Chose relevant keywords
  • Expand keyword lists regularly
  • Update keyword lists regularly


Ensuring the success of PPC campaign

Creating a successful PPC ad is one thing but maintaining its success is another thing.

The most important thing you can do is to constantly monitor your Ads and regularly update them. Some of the things that you can do to optimize your PPC strategy are:

  • Continuously expand keyword directory
  • Create targeted ads
  • Constantly review and eliminate irrelevant/expensive keywords
  • Optimize your webpages


There are tools available to check the quality of your PPC Ads. Such tools can help you improve and refine you Ad campaigns. Wordstream’s AdWords Performance Grader is a free tool that can evaluate your Ad based on:

  • Quality score
  • Text optimization
  • Number of shares
  • CTR – Click Through rates


  • Keyword selection



Concluding tips

Before anything, you should be really clear about your goals and hopes with PPC. Despite being quite simple to understand and implement, it can still lead to a lot of financial damage if not implemented correctly. To conclude; you should focus on the following area’s as a must:

  • Increase CTR by making qualitative and catchy ads
  • Use google extensions
  • Use multiple ads and compare their performance
    • A/B comparison
    • Selection of the better ad
  • Limit your ad’s exposure to a targeted community
    • Location
    • Timings
  • Select keywords diligently
    • Relevant
    • Constantly updated
    • Negative keywords
  • Multi-platform Ad compatibility (PC, mobile, notepad etc.)
  • Develop qualitative landing pages
  • Employ remarketing strategies
  • Keep updating, iterating and optimizing you Ad campaign


Start PPC in a targeted result-focused approach and you’ll see the benefits yourself!

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