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Nobody really needs a definition of social media anymore.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeetc. all have completely taken over the world. With over 2 billion active users, Social Media platforms are becoming the next big thing. Everyone that is anyone is on these sites.


You should be able to see the marketing potential right away!


Most of us are constantly updating and checking and checking and checking their mobiles. The battle is on to stay tuned. To stay updated.

Now how can you benefit from this?


Let’s go thru some of the basics of marketing through social media websites.


Social media and Search Engines

Everything is being shared by everyone on social media platforms. Often the most updated information, particularly news, is available on social media before anywhere else.

Therefore, it is only logical that search engines like Google etc. constantly update themselves with social media platforms to provide their users updated information.


This is where you can benefit the most!


Providing information about your brand on social media will not only appeal to the users available there but will also be available to any other user that will search your targeted keywords. You can build links to your website as well. This in turn would support any SEO efforts you might be undertaking


Two-in-One advantage!


Why Social Media Marketing?

All your potential clients are already available in a concentrated place. Plus, they are already interacting with each other. The field is ready. Your brand just has to go in there and start interacting!

It’s as simple as that!

Word-of-mouth marketing has never been easier.


Only one satisfied customer on a social media platform can impact hundreds of other customers through their posts, blogs, reviews and testimonials.

Just get in there before your completion does.


Plus, if this reason was not enough: Social Media Marketing is essentially free! The only effort that needs to be done is in areas of content creation and platform selection. There are experts available for that.

Rest is just a breeze! Really!


How to of Social Media Marketing

Social media Marketing is as easy as making an everyday post, uploading an image / video and commenting on existing posts. Interaction is the key!

Like any other marketing strategy do prepare goals and objectives for your business before initiating a social media marketing campaign. Work on:

  • Who are your potential clients?
  • What are your end objectives?
  • How does your target audience use social media?
  • What are the peak demographics and timings of your audience?
  • What message are you going to spread?


In order to develop and implement a great social media marketing campaign you should:

  • Carefully plan all your online content. Keep in mind your target customer and tailor everything in order to attract them.
  • It’s a social platform. Casual is the key to everything. Develop an engaging social content.
  • Identify your clients and their demographics.
  • Reach out using multiple social media platforms. Interacting with customers through different platforms projects a consistent brand image. Plus, your brand can target a greater and diverse audience.
  • Quickly update information about brand. Social media spreads stuff like wild fire. Any promotional campaign or news or exciting information you spread will quicklyreach all your customers.
  • Build links to your website thru social media, these backlinks will compliment your SEO efforts as well.
  • Audit yourself using built-in performance metrics like Reach, Clicks, Engagement, organic / paid likes and Hashtag performance.
  • Keep an eye out for your competition! They are also there and they can’t hide. Be wary and iteratively change your strategies.


Social Media is a dynamic happening place!

You and your brand needs to do the same!

So, keep a lookout on how you are performing using analytical tools like Google Analytics etc. Update and change your strategy actively. Engage smartly.


Which Social Media platform is for you?

There are many social media platforms out there. Facebook, Goggle+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube are just few of the examples.


The question is; which one of these is for you?


All of these platforms have their own unique features. Understanding each of them is important to know which platform to use.


For example; Facebook is the most used yet casual social media platform. People come here to enjoy, gossip, share their lives and get updated about their interests. Things are highly informal. On the other hand,LinkedIn is a serious business centered platform. Anybody interacting through there would mean business. It is now up to you to decide which platform is more nearer to your brand vision.Gather information about your potential clientele and which platform they use and when and how.


Selection of the platform is the first step.

Next is how to use that platform


Each of these platform has their own unique style. Facebook allows for detailed content sharing while Twitter allows only for short updates. Both of them have their merits and demerits. Whichever platform you chose – understand how to benefit the max through that.



Social Media marketing is not only about maintaining an existence. It’s about frequently interacting with your clients. Your competitors are doing it and you are going to lose out on a lot of customers if your strategy is not right. It’s not scary rather its really really easy. Some tips to remember before initiating social media marketing are:

  • Promote your brand by targeting a larger audience
  • Increase your sales by attracting customers
  • Increase your customer loyalty through interactive posts
  • Improve ROI by retaining customers
  • Keep an eye out on competition


Most importantly, don’t ignore anyone!

Every person on social media that you reach can potentially impact your brand.

Get the best out of it all


In one word; Social Media Marketing is all about ‘Interaction’

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