High Volume Keywords vs Low Volume Keywords

Keywords are the main driving force behind Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Selection of appropriate keywords will determine when and how your brand’s advertisement is displayed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). As the words indicate; high volume keywords are those that attract a huge amount of online traffic maybe like ‘FIFA world cup’ whereas low volume keywords are those that do not attract substantial users like ‘geological rock formation’ etc.


High Volume Keywords……

Attracting high number of traffic to your website would mean paying more. If appropriate number of customers do not convert to paying customers; you are going to go in loss. This is one of the biggest disadvantage. However, there are certain benefits as well:

  • Wider audience reach
  • More clicks and traffic on your website
  • Increased chances of sales


Another thing to remember is that higher volume keywords do not necessarily mean that you need them. You should analyze the pros and cons of such keywords in comparison with your brand and what your competitors are doing before finalizing keywords.


Low Volume Keywords.

Low volume keywords do not necessarily mean that they are to be avoided. The decision lies in the type of industry you are in like for specialized products there are of course going to be less online search queries. For example, ‘diamond tipped drill bits’ will have less online users then let’s say ‘burger restaurants’. Often; low volume keywords target a specific customer base and are ideal for specialized products. Some advantages include:

  • Low PPC campaign cost
  • More qualified clicks
  • Higher conversion rates despite low number of clicks and lower audience reach.


Factors To Consider.

High and low volume keywords both have their advantages. Some factors to consider before investing on these bids are:

  • Cost analysis.High volume keywords although ensure that you reach a wider audience, but they generally cost more with lower conversion rates. Therefore, detailed cost – benefit analysis should be done.
  • Target customer. A lot depends on your product and what your customer base is. With specialized products customer base is limited so more targeted keywords, often ‘long tail’ are required. Such are low volume keywords. However, conduct careful research in negative and long tail keywords as they are very difficult to evaluate and implement.
  • Marketing strategy. The most important thing is to have a clear marketing strategy. What are you aiming to do? Are you a new company investing to put your name out there? Are you aiming to make some quick profits? The choice of keywords depends a lot on marketing strategy and the available marketing budget. Even then a detailed analysis of how your keywords are performing should be periodically done so that marketing strategy can be changed if required.


PPC campaigns are a quick and effective way to reach a wider customer base comparatively cheaper. However, careful planning is required. Choice of keywords, investing in type of keywords (high / low, Long / short, positive / negative) and level of investment are important decisions that if done wrong can make PPC extremely expensive. Research as much as possible and consult SEO & PPC experts to do it right the first time.


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