PK domain registration

So are you ready to launch your business in Pakistan? The best approach that you can think of launching a business in Pakistan would be with a   dot PK or .com dot PK domain.  Which will help you build your local appearance as a brand and Target the Pakistani customers with your .com dot PK or dot PK domain.

Domain Registration Pakistan

The dot PK names are hot selling names in Pakistan when you’re looking to search a domain name. Also if you are Looking to rank your website locally in Pakistan the .com dot PK or dot. PK domain will help you a lot in appearing for the local searches in Google for Pakistan. It will also help you increase your local website traffic and it will help you a lot in marketing while working in the premises of Pakistan. So Google will give you preference in their rankings as well.

PK Domain Name

Not only that many of the major brands are in dot PK. In Pakistan Like Pakistan’s largest online shopping mall that is Daraz.PK is also in dot PK. While Pakistan’s largest Classified ads platform olx is also in dot PK domain.

PK Domain Price & Cheap Domain Registration In Pakistan

Let us guide you about the costing of the domain for dot PK or either .com PK the domain pricing is approximately about 1200 PKR rupees and if you are residing outside of Pakistan, it might cost you about 24 to 25 dollars approximately. There can be a little bit of fluctuation in the price as it is connected with the dollar price, but approximately it would be around the same price.

Domain Purchase In Pakistan

We can help you register a DOT PK or .com dot PK domain in Pakistan and also we can maintain your hosting and domain on a yearly basis. We have hundreds and hundreds of customers registered on our portal and providing hosting and domain services to small and large corporations in Pakistan and abroad. The .com PK or dot PK domain Works a little bit different than other domains like .com or dot org.

Pakistan Domain Hosting

If you’re looking to buy the .com dot PK domain or dot PK domain. Did you main Feasts? The domain fees is charged. On a by an old basis like suppose if you want to register this dot PK PK domain, it will be registered for a minimum period of two years like in the case It is registered for only one year, but in the case of .com PK or dot PK, you have to register at least for two years to get the domain. Also the domain Renewal fees is same as the destruction fees and the renewal is again going to be for the next two years.

You can easily register your dot PK or .com dot pick a domain with us.

Advantages of dot PK & .com dot PK domain

Another advantage of registering your domain  in dot PK PK extension is that The .com extensions are almost full for the all dictionary and vocabulary words. But if you are looking to find a unique brand name for your business, you can only find it in .com PK or dot PK domain extensions locally here in Pakistan as the businesses are not as much as saturated because the .com everybody globally is looking for The best names from the last 20 years and all the major vocabulary words in English specially are finished and you will not be able to find a unique name in .com extension. So we will advise you to go with the dot PK or .com dot PK extension here. If you’re looking for a very unique name for your business.

It will not only help you in SEO locally in Pakistan, but also it will help you build a brand recognition and a branded name for your business and customers can. Memorize your name very easily and come again and again on your website if you have a very unique name.

When it comes to the domain name, the domain names should be very unique and if a customer comes to your website once he should be able to memorize the name if it is a one-word name, it would be really easy for the customer. The good idea would be combining one or two words maximum or the best one would be get a unique one-word name for your brand.

You can register the .com dot PK or dot PK domain extensions anywhere from all over Pakistan or globally as well. If you are in the other countries, you can easily contact us and we can help you register your dot PK or .com dot PK domain name. And we can also help you find out the unique name for your brand. And on the other hand side if you are available in Pakistan, you can register from anywhere in Lahore and Karachi Islamabad Rawalpindi and the Peshawar etc.

And from all the major cities of Pakistan the process is really simple and easy.


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