What is ASO:

App store optimization (ASO) or Play Store Optimization is the method of rising the visibility of a mobile app (such as AN iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone app)

Let’s Get Started:

You’ve put in a whole lot of tough work to make a remarkable app, and posted it on the app store or play store. After your app release, it’s time to get people to download it and use your app. So, I’ve prepared a listing of 38 App optimization or ASO guidelines to get app downloads for your app.

Beside these Points there are specific ON Page & OFF Page optimizations which need to be done in order to get downloads and good rankings on keywords, which are very very important!


1. App Name & Keywords

2. App Name Format

3. App Name Length

4. App Subtitle

5. App Description & Keywords

6. App Description – The First Few Sentences

7. App Description – The Expanded Description

8. App Description Length

9. App Promotional Text

10. App Icon

11. App Store Keywords – Getting Keyword Ideas

12. App Store Keywords – Selecting Your Keywords

13. App Store Keyword Optimization

14. In-App Purchases

15. App Screenshots

16. App Preview Video

17. App Store Ratings – The Impact

18. App Store Ratings – Getting Five-Star Ratings

19. App Store Ratings – Reply To Reviews

20. App Store Ratings – One-Star Reviews

21. App Localization Strategy

22. App Localization – Best Countries For Your App

23. App Localization – Top Countries By Revenue

24. App Indexing – Spotlight Search

25. App Indexing – Firebase Indexing

26. App Conversion Rates – The Impact

27. App Conversion Rates – Page View CR

28. App Conversion Rates – Download CR

29. App Size

30. App Pricing – Free with In-App Purchases

31. App Pricing – Free with Ads

32. App Pricing – Paid Apps

33. App Compatibility – iMessage

34. App Compatibility – Apple Watch

35. App Compatibility – Family Sharing

36. App Compatibility – Game Center

37. App Updates

38. Making a good ASO Strategy


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